[mythtv-users] Volume difference between sources: is there a way to fix it?

Ben Giddings bg-mythtv at infofiend.com
Thu May 26 23:02:48 UTC 2005

Related to this, there's the difference between volume for recorded content 
and "MythVideo" files.

If I set the playback volume for recorded content to 90% (so I have room to 
both raise and lower it).  When I start a video, it seems to start with 
the same sound level, but mplayer is started with its volume at 100%, so I 
can only lower it from there.  I think what's happening is that the volume 
I set in TV playback in Myth is setting some mixer level, and that mixer 
level is preserved when I start mplayer, but mplayer's internal volume 
control doesn't use the same mixer.

It would be great if there were an easy way to have them both share a 
mixer, or if that isn't possible, to get the same result another way (i.e. 
start mplayer at 90% volume, but restore the mixer that Myth recordings 
playback affects to 100% before starting).

Any ideas?


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