[mythtv-users] WHISH-LIST: what I always wanted.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu May 26 20:27:30 UTC 2005

John Williams wrote:

>On 5/25/05, Karsten Jeppesen <karsten at jeppesens.com> wrote:
>>There is a very very important thing missing in MythTV.
>>At least I have been missing this feature on every single TV I have had:
>>A volumen-preset-while-the-bloody-commercials-are-running button.
>>Ever noticed that the sound is turned up 15% while the commercials are on?
>>I would like a switch button that is programmable so I can press it and
>>temporarily lower the volumen to X% of what it was before.
>>When the button is pressed again we resume at the previously used volume.
>Yeah I've noticed drives me crazy too. It was realy pronounced on my
>recording of Starwars Episode 2 the other night. My suggestion would
>be to get a macro capable remote. Make a macro that hits the volume
>down button about 10 or 20 times. The make another macro the brings it
>back up the same amount. It may take asome playing with, but it is
>essentially the same thing you are asking for. I'm assuming you use a
>remote. I just bought one last week and programmed all my Myth
>Functions fromteh Lite-On IR keyboard into it. Including a few macros,
>like a single button delete file. now I'm keyboard free. Make sure it
>is JP1 compatible.
Well, you could use a "thick-client" remote, but why not just use LIRC 
like this with a "thin-client" remote?

  prog = irexec
  button = mute
  # First button press mutes audio
  config = amixer set PCM mute &
  # Second press unmutes audio in "soft-speak mode"
  config = amixer set PCM 30%- unmute &
  # Third press restores normal volume
  config = amixer set PCM 30%+ unmute &
  repeat = 0

Basically, this sets up a tri-state for the "mute" button on your 
remote.  The first time you press it, it mutes sound.  The second time 
you press it, it unmutes sound but decreases volume by 30%.  The third 
time, it increases volume by 30%.  Only problem is remembering not to 
turn up the volume when your mute is in "soft-speak mode" or the next 
time you hit mute, it will add 30% to the comfortable volume.  (Since 
we're not telling Myth what we're doing to the volume, hitting vol-up 
while in soft-speak will increase the volume from Myth's normal 
volume--not from soft-speak volume--then hitting mute adds 30%, but 
hitting vol-up or down again would change it to +/- 1 step from normal.  
Hmm.  Maybe I should make a patch so Myth senses volume changes like 
xine/MPlayer/xmms instead of blindly expecting other apps to leave the 
volume alone...)  Oh, and it isn't automatic, but that means that it 
will never automatically do the wrong thing.  ;)

To use it for commercials, you would hit mute when the commercial 
begins.  Then, if you want to continue hearing commercials, hit mute 
again to restore audio to "soft-speak" mode.  Once the program resumes, 
hit mute a third time to restore normal volume.  If you prefer to forego 
the ability to truly mute the broadcast (or you're willing to use a 
dedicated button for mute and another for "soft-speak"), get rid of the 
first config line.  Feel free to add lines, too (i.e. if you want 
multiple steps or want to go from normal to soft-speak to mute to 
soft-speak to normal).

Note, you can also use "Master" instead of "PCM" (should use whichever 
one you've chosen to use for your Myth mixer so it works with your 
volume control).  Play around with the values as desired (30% works well 
for me, but I usually play back at about 60%, so you might want more).  
The percentages are absolute percentages relative to the current level 
(i.e if you're at 60% and decrease by 30%, it will be at 30%).

To make it work, you *must* start irexec (i.e. add a line, "irexec -d" 
(no quotes) to your .xinitrc).  Since you probably already have your 
mute button mapped to send "F9" to mythtv, you'll need to restart 
mythfrontend.  Note, also, that you *must* change the "prog = " line to 
use "irexec" instead of "mythtv."

For more info:  man amixer


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