[mythtv-users] Finishing my Myth Configuration

Tim Vruwink vruwink at gmail.com
Thu May 26 03:12:16 UTC 2005


I've been running MythTV 0.18 for about a week now and am extremely 
pleased with it. This is my first time using it, and I successfully got 
everything running on my first try (with a few restarts).  I have a few 
niggling details I want to nail down before I consider this project 
ready for primetime. 

My box is running Myth .18 frontend and backend.  It's a FC3 box with a 
single Hauppauge 250 tuner card, an Nvidia 5200 video card (s-video out) 
and an Asus NF2 motherboard - using the onboard soundcard. I am using a 
irman with a Radioshack 8 in 1 remote.  I used Jarods guide and the 
mailing list for instructions on how to get everything running.

1.  The down and CH- buttons on my remote are not working - all other 
buttons work great.  I set up the remote using irrecord and the lircrc 
file from Jarods site.  Do I need to rerun irrecord again?  I played 
around with IRW and confirmed that those keys are not responding.  What 
steps do I need to take to get those two buttons working?

2. Mythbackend isn't autostarting.  I've been simply lauching it from 
the console with a "mythbackend &" command, but I'd like to get it 

3. Whenever I reboot, I loose /dev/video0 and am forced to run "modprobe 
ivtv" to reload my tuner device.  Is this the correct behaviour? Where 
do I set this to run automatically?

4.  I have my Mythtv box set to autologin. However, under FC3 for some 
reason the default X session is "failsafe". How do I get it to use KDE?
Would changing /etc/sysconfig/desktop from desktop=gnome to desktop=kde 

Thanks for any help getting these last remaining issues sorted out.


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