[mythtv-users] Re: Mythstream Tips Tricks

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Wed May 25 21:01:25 UTC 2005

> > > I think this is a great module that SHOULD be included
> > > in mythtv plugins!
> > 
> > Not as is.  It needs integrated into mythmusic.  The user shouldn't have to 
> > care where the music's coming from, so having multiple interfaces (one for 
> > streams, one for files) to get to it doesn't work.

After LiveTV and Watch Recordings, MythStream is the next most used
part of my MythTV systems. By contrast, I rarely use mythmusic
currently. If I had a card that supported FM radio, I'd probably use
MythV4lRadio more than mythmusic and mythstream combined.

I would like nothing more than to see the streaming and radio code go
into "mythmusic", but to be usable from mythtv, I belive the current
mythmusic frontend really needs to become multiple purpose-focused

What I want for streaming media:
- select favorite URL presents (5-10)
- vast selection of "top" stream from shoutcast/live365 sorted by
genre like streamtuner - http://www.nongnu.org/streamtuner/ -
really... if you haven't checked out streamtuner, give it a whirl and
imagine how cool it would be to have mythstream be able to surf most
popular URLs by genre like streamtuner... I'd probably never load
mp3/ogg files onto my mythtv box again
- Like in streamtuner with xmms, I want to see the current songs that
are playing on all stations when a scan is run, and I'd like to see
the upcoming playlist.
- I'd like to have goom/mythmusic visualizations, but I would always
like to have the "station name" and current song visible
- a frequently overlooked fact is that mythstream supports streaming
VIDEO too. Don't know how this could currently be integrated into
mythmusic, but there are times this is useful and cool. MythWeather
would be more useful, if it had links for streaming weather reports
from weather.com , and you can learn some really interesting stuff by
watching NASA TV
- I want to be able to schedule and record streaming content
- I'd like to buffer streaming content and pause/rewind it, and
timestretch it (why not?)

What I want for Radio:
Actually MythFM/MythV4LRadio is pretty good...
- I'd like to see it be part of the mythplugins and have an "autoscan"
option in the interface
- more of an open question - do any tuner cards have radios that
support "radio text"?
- I'd like to be able to schedule and record radio content and have
certain radio stations show up in the program listings -- maybe even
be able to assign them channel numbers

What I want local music file playback:
- easier playlist creation
- auto playlists by artist and genre that can be browsed as virtual playlists

While I can certainly think of how the *CODE* for streaming and radio
could/should go into mythmusic, I think that the user interface for
those functions should be different. I listen to 4 streaming radio
stations all the time, and *if* they were inserted into mythmusic...
where should they be?? maybe at a menu level above music? so...
entering mythmusic, you'd be placed into a menu where you could choose
categories of "music" "radio" "internet stream" ? I would want to have
categories below each of those as well... I just want the menus to be
simple and obvious for quick access to my favorites.

> Well, is a live stream more similar to a TV transmission (with
> timeshifting recording, etc.), or a music track?   that's arguable;
> and MythStream deals with both.

> FWIW, I'd love to see better integration for MythStream, it is
> very useful and a key component in WAF reduction here. ;)


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