[mythtv-users] Tivo-style "suggestions" now provided by TVWish

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Wed May 25 20:52:40 UTC 2005

On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 03:08:56PM -0700, Brad Templeton wrote:
> I have done a preliminary implementation of a "suggestions" system
> in TVWish, the super-wishlist program for MythTV.   If you use
> or install TVWish, you can enter a couple of simple commands to make
> it generate a certain number of hours per day of suggested recordings,
> based on both tastes learned from past recordings, and more explicit
> tastes you describe in the file.

Just a follow-on note.  I've discovered that MythTV has some bugs about
handling the autoexpire number as a non-boolean.  Some parts of the program
treat it as an integer, some as a boolean.  I'm working on a patch to fix
this up (integer throughout except in the UI).  Until such time as that
patch is deployed, I put a special hack into tvwish that it scans for
any suggestions in your recordings which don't have a high autoexpire and
sets it high (unless it's zero, then it stays zero).   This will work
fine as long as you are not running super-tight on space.

However, most people should be able to use the program, as modified, just
fine, but should re-download.

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