[mythtv-users] VCR video to MythTV (USB, 1394 or S-Video capture solutions)

jonr jonr at destar.net
Tue May 24 21:22:33 UTC 2005

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Hi,
>    I've been at my parents house for a few days getting a MythTV
> installation setup. It's all wokring and my folks are pretty happy.
> However no good ded goes unpunished. My dad is now asking for a way to
> capture his videos and be able to watch them in MythTV. As I've only
> got one more day here before I travel home I'm looking for some ideas.
> 1) The mythbackend machine has a PVR-150 so it has a (yet untested)
> S-video input. Does this input work on the PVR-150/250/250?
> 2) The machine also has 1394 and USB inputs. I understand people are
> capturing HD over 1394 for that should work if there's a good capture
> device that can go outside the PC.
> 3) My folks have 3 VCR's but none have S-video outputs.
>   Would I be better off to suggest he buys a new VCR with an S-Video
> output and then record that via the input on the PVR? Or is there some
> USB or 1394 solution that is known to work well under Linux and
> MythTV.
>    Hi goal is to get the video onto the same /TVstorage partition
> we're using for Myth recordings and also eventually be able to author
> a DVD for the family with some of this stuff. He interviewed a number
> of my relatives 20-30 years ago and wants to save these conversations
> as part of a family tree project.
> thanks,
> Mark
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Hi Mark,

If your asking how to record from VCR to Myth this is how I do it, you 
just need to setup a custom record. There was the question of 
macrovision but I have yet to have a problem with it:

Ok, take the line carrying your cable/satellite hook-up and do it like so:

Take the line from your provider and connect that to the 'input' of your
cable/satellite box. From the 'output' of your cable/satellite box go to the
input of your vcr. From the 'output' of your vcr connect to the 'input' 
of your
capture card. Then turn on the vcr change the channel to 3 or 4 on Myth 
and you
should see your vcr tape playing inside of "Watch LiveTV". Record that. :)
You might need to hit the 'TV/VCR' button on the vcr.


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