[mythtv-users] DVB board advice

Toby Smith maillists at oikade.co.uk
Mon May 23 18:23:35 UTC 2005

Kevin Barsby wrote:

> I am changing my (UK based) setup to DVB, it's a big upgrade of kernel
> (to 2.6), drivers (EPIA / ALSA) Myth (to 18.1), etc etc.
> The DVB board that seems favourite at the moment is the Avermedia DVB-T
> 716. Has anyone got any feedback on quality / ease of configuration?
> It's going into a Hush EPIA-M system, where the Video / audio out is via
> the system board, so all I need is a quality DVB card to get the tv in
> signal.

I'm also building an EPIA-M system with DVB Cards (plural), but have 
encountered the odd problem. Odd being the operative word.

I started with two Twinhan VisionPlus, on a twin PCI riser into the 
single slot on the EPIA-M motherboard. This was 50% successful, in that 
the top card could be identified and worked fine (which ever particular 
card it was) but the drivers could identify the bottom card, but not 
fully work out which frontend to use, despite numerous attacks. From 
friends experiences and others on this list it seems that many people 
have problems with PCI placement and the twinhan card, and this 
motherboard rather limits the options on "try another pci slot".

I'm currently trying a Hauppauge Nova-T (connexant chipset, not older 
Phillips chipset) with less than ideal results - the card gets 
identified, but errors on access, even on the very latest drivers. Not 
got to the bottom of that, but there's an ever growing thread on the 
topic on the linux-dvb list.

So if you do get an Avermedia going I'd be interested, and if anyone 
else has twin DVB cards on an EPIA I'd love to hear about their setup...

Toby Smith

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