[mythtv-users] KDE + restarts + desktops

Donavan Stanley geckofiend at gmail.com
Mon May 23 00:28:09 UTC 2005

On 5/22/05, jason bright <jaybright at gmail.com> wrote:
> THE PROBLEM: If my machine gets a hard reset (the power company seems
> to be dropping the ball at least once a week lately), when KDE comes
> back up it resets the desktop settings to 4 again. Anybody know how to
> make it KEEP the value it's given? The mythbox is a dedicated machine
> locked away, so having to go set up a mouse and keyboard to fix it is
> a pain.

You should really just use something like like ratpoison for a
dedicated Myth box instead all the bloat and cruft that comes along
with having KDE in memory.

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