[mythtv-users] apt-get and yum with X86 distros

pookSter subscriberlists at gmail.com
Sun May 22 03:55:47 UTC 2005

I've been trying to get myth installed on a Athlon 64 Fedora3 for a 
while now. I was following Jarod's FAQ to the letter and was always 
getting hung up with the apt-get update. The error kept coming back that 
I had duplicate packages installed and they had to be removed first.
  I met j-rod in IRC and he explained to me that it was because apt-get 
would not work with x86 distros as apt didn't know what version of the 
OS I had and he then recommended YUM to do the updating. I took his 
recommendation and used yum to update my packages.
......until it came time to " *yum* *install* *mythtv*-suite " ...then I 
see it searching all the repos and it comes back with "Nothing to do"

I then started googling my problem and came across a conversation on 
ATrpms-users  which is below.

My question is, Am I looking for answers to something that is not 
solved? Does anyone have suggestions  to get around this problem I am 
having? I really don't want to reinstall another OS. I'm just wondering 
how many other x86 people have had this problem. I'm not too versed in 
linux yet, so without a good faq like I was following, I doubt I will 
get my box up and running.
Thanks,  pookSter


>/ Doesn't look like the package list is broke, since I can see other stuff, 
/>/ mythtv-suite just isn't an included package, which makes perfect sense, since 
/>/ there's only an i386 package here:
/>/ http://atrpms.net/dist/common/mythtv-suite/
Perhaps I dropped mythtv-suite on x86_64 when not all parts could be
built? I remember users crying on mythtv-suite on x86_64 when
mythphone and mythmusic would not built. Looks like my old grey cells
are striking these days :(

So the wrapper package just isn't there, I'll build it again in the
next site update.

Thanks, Jarod, for spotting this!
-- [/quote]
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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