[mythtv-users] Mythbackend 0.18.1 no longer listening to TCP

Howard Christeller howard.christeller at gmail.com
Sat May 21 23:47:47 UTC 2005

I've been running MythTV from a CVS version later than 0.18 but older
than 0.18.1.  As of this morning, it worked.  This afternoon, it no
longer works, and I don't know why.  System is an Athlon XP running
Debian unstable.

I removed the CVS version and installed 0.18.1.  Mythbackend runs with
nothing of note in the log file, but I can't connect to it. 
Mythfrontend times out with a failure to connect to port 6543. 
Mythweb gives a similar error.  Netstat -ln does not show port 6543
open.  I've run mythtv-setup and confirmed the IP addresses and port

I'm stumped.  Anyone have any suggestions for things to try?

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