[mythtv-users] Cutlist to ProjectX format?

Jonathan Markevich mythtv at jonandtina.net
Fri May 20 15:45:46 UTC 2005

There was a lot of talk about using ProjectX a while back, and I am
pleased with the way it is working.  THe only thing missing, is to get
it to use the Myth cutlists.  I guess the basis is that I don't
understand what units the cutlists are stored in...

In any case, I did this, with lots of bash man checking (I'm a newb to
bash scripting, please point me in the right direction if there's a
better what to do this):



# I want to use pretty links, so...
if [ -L $infile ]; then
        infile=$( basename $( readlink $1 ))

# Strip stuff out of the filename
channel=$( echo $infile | cut --delimiter="_" -f 1 )
starttime=$( echo $infile | cut --delimiter="_" -f 2 )
endtime=$( echo $infile | cut --delimiter="_" -f 3 | cut --delimiter="_"
-f 1 | cut --delimiter="." -f 1 )

#echo "(0) use BytePos. for cuts" > cutlist.txt
#echo "(1) use GOP number for cuts" > cutlist.txt
echo "(2) use Frame number for cuts" > cutlist.txt
#echo "(3) use PTS for cuts" > cutlist.txt
#echo "(4) use Timecode for cuts" > cutlist.txt

mysql -u$mysqluser -p$mysqlpass mythconverg -s -B --exec "select
IFNULL(recorded.cutlist,'') from recorded where recorded.chanid=$channel
and recorded.starttime=$starttime and recorded.endtime=$endtime;" >>

sed -e "s/\\\n/\n/g" cutlist.txt | sed -e "s/ - /\n/" > cutlist2.txt

Now if I load that cutlist into ProjectX, it really doesn't look right
(everything is red/cut out).  I'm running through a project right now to
make sure...

Is anyone doing this already?


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