[mythtv-users] Remote sends command twice

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Wed May 18 22:54:10 UTC 2005

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) wrote:
>> Yeah, I have repeat=0 (explicitly set) on everything except volume.  
>> Are you using delay for volume?  Have you played with min_repeat at 
>> all?  If so, I'd be interested in seeing your config (you can send it 
>> to me offline if you like).

here is my /etc/lircd.conf file ... it says 0.7.0-cvs, but it's been 
updated since then ... yes, i notice Mouse_LeftButtonUp and 
Mouse_RightButtonDblClick are the same ;)

# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to <lirc at bartelmus.de>
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.7.0-CVS(atiusb) on Sat Jun 19 16:27:14 2004
# contributed by gLaNDix
# brand: ATI
# model no. of remote control: 5000023600
# devices being controlled by this remote: MythTV 0.14
# USB ID: 0bc7:0004

begin remote

   name           REMOTE_WONDER
   bits           16
   eps            30
   aeps          100

   one             0     0
   zero            0     0
   pre_data_bits   8
   pre_data       0x14
   post_data_bits  16
   post_data      0x0
   gap          227933
   toggle_bit      0

       begin codes
           A                        0x000000000000D500
           B                        0x000000000000D601
           C                        0x000000000000EE19
           D                        0x000000000000F01B
           E                        0x000000000000F621
           F                        0x000000000000F823
           Power                    0x000000000000D702
           TV                       0x000000000000D803
           DVD                      0x000000000000D904
           Web                      0x000000000000DA05
           Library                  0x000000000000DB06
           Drag                     0x000000000000DC07
           Mouse_LeftButtonDown     0x0000000000004D78
           Mouse_LeftButtonUp       0x0000000000004E79
           Mouse_LeftButtonDblClick 0x0000000000004E79
           Mouse_RightButtonDown    0x000000000000517C
           Mouse_RightButtonUp      0x000000000000527D
           Mouse_RightButtonDblClick 0x000000000000537E
           Mouse_Left               0x0000000000004570
           Mouse_Right              0x0000000000004671
           Mouse_Up                 0x0000000000004772
           Mouse_Down               0x0000000000004873
           Mouse_UpRight            0x0000000000004A75
           Mouse_DownRight          0x0000000000004B76
           Mouse_DownLeft           0x0000000000004C77
           Mouse_UpLeft             0x0000000000004974
           Vol+                     0x000000000000DD08
           Vol-                     0x000000000000DE09
           Mute                     0x000000000000DF0A
           Ch-                      0x000000000000E10C
           Ch+                      0x000000000000E00B
           1                        0x000000000000E20D
           2                        0x000000000000E30E
           3                        0x000000000000E40F
           4                        0x000000000000E510
           5                        0x000000000000E611
           6                        0x000000000000E712
           7                        0x000000000000E813
           8                        0x000000000000E914
           9                        0x000000000000EA15
           0                        0x000000000000DC17
           DVD_RootMenu             0x000000000000EB16
           Setup                    0x000000000000ED18
           Arrow_Up                 0x000000000000EF1A
           Arrow_Right              0x000000000000F41F
           Arrow_Down               0x000000000000F722
           Arrow_Left               0x000000000000F21D
           OK                       0x000000000000F31E
           Maximize                 0x000000000000F520
           TV_On_Demand             0x000000000000F11C
           Prev                     0x000000000000F924
           Play                     0x000000000000FA25
           Next                     0x000000000000FB26
           Record                   0x000000000000FC27
           Stop                     0x000000000000FD28
           Pause                    0x000000000000FE29
       end codes

end remote

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