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Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
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Hmm... that's a good thought. Funnily enough... I'm running a Via chipset with an AMD CPU. Problem is, finding a cheap board that'll take my existing AMD 800 CPU. I'd switch to something faster, but I'm deathly afraid of heat... there's not much airflow in my cabinet and currently I think I'm running right "on the edge" as far as that's concerned.

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Just out of curiosity -- what kind of chipset do you have on your
motherboard?  I had a hell of time keeping mythbackend running when I had
a via board running Fedora. I actually wrote a perl script to monitor my
backend ever 10 seconds and start it up when it hung or died. Turned out a
new board (non-via) was all I needed to fix the issue. Apparently a DMA
compatibility was to blame with some Via chipsets.


> I know, these always seem to be a problem. My problem seems to be that
> anytime a job is run that requires write access to the database
> (specifically when scheduling shows or when deleting a previous recording)
> quite often the mythbackend will simply up and die. I've checked the logs
> and nothing seems amiss... since I use binary packages is there a way I
> can up the verbosity of these logs to see if anything weird is going on?
> Another time the backend dies is if I've been using Mythweb, that seems to
> cause more crashes than it's sometimes worth (though I do prefer using
> Mythweb to locate shows that I want to record).
> One other I've noticed is that occasionally the backend will also die upon
> completing a recording. Now, since I've tuned my recording settings
> recently I no longer transcode, I leave my recordings as mpeg2, so
> obviously the problem is occurring right at the moment that it should be
> starting to commercial flag those shows (I run automatically in my
> recordings). It's very inconsistent though, and in the logs I never see
> the commflag starting at all, just showing the Mythbackend restarting (I
> have a job that checks every minute if the process is running and restarts
> it if not). Of course, this means that I have to manually schedule the
> commflag job, but once I do that it works fine. I'd say the commflag works
> fine about 85% of the time, just sometimes it completely fails. Note that
> stuff recorded from commercial-free channels never seems to cause a
> mythbackend crash, so I think I'm pretty safe saying it's the
> commflagging.
> Currently I'd say I lose backend about twice per day on average at the
> moment. Version 0.18.0 (not had time to do 0.18.1, but doesn't seem like
> it fixes any backend or commflag bugs).
> Any thoughts?
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