[mythtv-users] Feature request: backwards compatability

Sasha Z kleptophobiac at gmail.com
Wed May 18 08:28:57 UTC 2005

This is one of the reasons why package based distributions are
superior. They allow far more version flexibility and allow for faster
distribution and upgrades. While I try not to harp about the glory of
Arch linux too often, but I switched to it from a combination of
slackware and gentoo two years ago and never went back. It is package
base, but all the packages come with scripts that compile the package,
so if you're itching to have a greater optimization flag (why on
earth... I don't know, but you could) you could make world with that
flag. You can also take stored packages or freshly compiled ones and
move them around your network faster.

Version backwards compatibility is the wrong way to solve this
problem. That puts undue pressure on the devs to make something that
wouldn't appeal to many users and uses a ton of development time.

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