[mythtv-users] PVR350 recording issues

Mike Geisterfer m.geisterfer at sympatico.ca
Sun May 15 02:50:03 UTC 2005

Here's an interesting problem.

Did a search (Google and myth users) but no joy....

I moved my MythBox (mythtv 0.18/ivtv 0.2.0rc3j)  from development to 
production (office to Home theatre area)

The PVR-350 (tuner 0) has a "wave" through the picture (Only in Live TV and 
recording), It looks like signal strength issues but if I change to tuner 2 
(PVR-250) it's clear.  The picture is clear on MythTv menus. (I use the 350 
to output to TV).

I've checked the cabling to the cards, no change ... It seems to be the card.

So the PVR-350 records like crap and the -250 is great..

	ASUS -A7VN8X-VM/400
	AMD Sempron 3000+ (I know overKill - xine dvd playback)
	PVR-350 (Problem Child)
	Linksys WMP54G

	Installed with Jarod's Guide
	Apt-get to the latest ....

Any suggestions.

  Mike G.
Looking for Joy..........(WAF)

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