[mythtv-users] OT: Seagate 200gig IDE, $60 -- REBATE FRAUD

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Sat May 14 18:12:38 UTC 2005

--- Jeff Simpson <llcooljeff at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/14/05, Donavan Stanley <geckofiend at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 5/14/05, Dean Collins <Dean at collins.net.pr> wrote:
> > > Yep same here on a pioneer dvd burner.
> > >
> > > Don't believe the hype, they're a scam.
> > 
> > I've heard this a lot..  On the flip side I've done coutless
> rebates
> > and never had a sinlge issue.
> Same here - I bought my last seagate drive from outpost with a
> rebate,
> had a great experience, but your results may vary :-P

I might have said the same thing a year ago.  I buy, on average, about
$12,000 / yr. of computer stuff at Fry's.  A lot of those purchases
(used to) involve rebates.  Until this year, I had about 90+% success
rate on rebates, including 100% on WD rebates.  The last six months
have changed.  Now Seagate and WD are the among the worst offenders.

Earlier I had a conversation with a Seagate rebate rep, on one of those
occasions when I was able to get a phone number.  She told me their
standard policy was to send rejection cards to everyone and then
approve only the rebates for people who called back.  To be honest, I
doubted her story because it is just too outrageous, but it did
describe what happened to me.

It may have do to with when the rebates are submitted.  It would not
surprise me if these companies have a certain amount of money they
expect to be claimed, and that they play these games once their target
has been reached to avoid paying out more than they budgeted.  If this
is the case, early rebate claimants will have less trouble than later

Now that I don't buy rebated products, my computer buying activities no
longer feel like I'm doing my taxes.  I got sick of cutting out box
tops and making and filing copies.  The extra hassles of rebates aren't
worth the years of lifespan you're giving up (IMHO).

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