[mythtv-users] Streaming mp3s from another machine?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri May 13 18:50:29 UTC 2005

Justin Mason wrote:

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>Hi all --
>I've been looking around for a way to get my mythbox playing mp3s from
>another server, without requiring it NFS-mount the mp3s dir in its
>entirety.  (the mythbox' network interface is unreliable wifi.)
>SlimServer -- http://www.slimdevices.com/pi_features.html -- seems nice,
>basically running the playlist selection on the remote machine as a HTTP
>daemon which generates a .pls Shoutcast stream, but MythBrowser can't
>really deal with the two-frame UI (nor does it have  the capability to run
>a helper app to deal with the .pls).
>Has anyone found any other options? Or, is there an improved web browser
>that could deal with SlimServer's use of frames?
I use mt-dappd running on my Mythbox to stream music to iTunes using 
DAAP.  I also use twonkymediaserver to server music to my Homepod via UPnP.


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