[mythtv-users] Mythbackend Seg Faulting

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri May 13 15:45:58 UTC 2005

Derek Battams wrote:

> Quoting Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net>:
>> Derek Battams wrote:
>>> Running v0.18 on FC3 with all of the RPMs from Axel's repository.  
>>> I've sent a
>>> couple of emails over the last few days describing a crash, but now 
>>> I've been
>>> able to confirm that it's definitely a seg fault in the backend by 
>>> sticking an
>>> strace on the backend process.  Once again, the backend seg faulted 
>>> immediately
>>> after running its nightly mythfilldatabase job.  The database 
>>> appears to be
>>> updated fine and after restarting the backend the system status also 
>>> reports a
>>> successful completion of the filldatabase job.  I'm not sure if the 
>>> strace
>>> output will help anyone in identifying the problem, but I do have 
>>> the strace
>>> output and the verbose log output from the backend leading up to the 
>>> segfault
>>> and can send it to anyone who may be able to diagnose the issue.  I 
>>> could
>>> attempt to generate a core file next, if that would be useful, but I 
>>> assume
>>> there is no debug info available in the binaries of these packaged 
>>> RPMs?
>> Instructions on how to get a gdb backtrace for diagnosing segfaults 
>> is in the documentation online at mythtv.org
>> Kevin
> Does this mean I'll need to compile MythTV/remove the RPMs in order to 
> get the
> debug binaries?
Yes, or I think you can roll your own RPMs with the debug flags enabled 
but I'm not up on exactly how that works.


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