[mythtv-users] Have PVR350 Output working - final few questions...

John Kondis jkondis at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 04:53:45 UTC 2005

--- John <MythTV at telus.net> wrote:
> The Live TV quality is incredible, but there are a
> few things to tweak.
> The picture looks like it is a bit too large for the
> screen
> (overscanned) to the point where I cannot see the
> checkboxes on the
> setup screens. Do I try to underscan it the same way
> as with NVidia
> drivers, or how do I do this?

Use TV Settings -> Playback -> Overscan for the OSD
stuff.  If it's the regular menus, mess with
Apperarance -> Screen Settings.

> I've read that to get the live TV audio to work the
> same as other parts
> of Myth (Myth Video and Recorded shows), you should
> loop the PVR350
> audio output into the Line in on the sound card.
> Where do you get the
> 350's audio out? I see an audio input on the 350. Or
> do you take the
> stereo connectors and combine into a mini-stereo
> plug?

Yes.  The RCA audio connectors go to the input mini
audio jack using an adapter.

> And I just noticed the quality of recorded shows
> isn't very good. Looks
> splotchy and overcompressed. It did not look that
> way when I was using
> the Monitor output. Is there something left to tweak
> with the frame
> buffer? I guess with the live TV looking so good,
> the recorded programs
> are a bit of a letdown.

Possibly you are transcoding to mpeg4, which you
shouldn't do if you are using the 350's output.  The
350's framebuffer can't handle the bandwidth, so turn
off transcoding.

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