[mythtv-users] Palm video from mythtv nuv -> TCPMP

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun May 8 17:58:56 UTC 2005

scunacc wrote:

>Has anyone a suggestion for converting a .nuv file to use with the Core
>Pocket Media Player on a Palm?
>I've played with various conversion programs but can't get the audio
>sync'ed back up with the video if I extract with avidemux2 for example
>and recombine with mplex.
I'm assuming you're using a PVR-x50.  If so, see: 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/128948#128948 , 
specifically Nick's suggestion (ProjectX).

>Command line programs would be fine (preferred).
Unfortunately no one has been able to find a "traditional" command-line 
*nix application that will fix the sync to account for changing A/V sync 
within the IvyTV recordings (or, at least, if they have found one, they 
haven't told anyone on the IvyTV list :).  From my experience, the 
dirtier the signal you give the PVR, the more your sync suffers.  I 
typically have 1 or 2 bad frames in my 1-hour videos recorded using the 
signal from my Satellite receiver--which is enough to make a noticeable 
offset (as little as 1/60th second is noticeable).  A recording from a 
friend's MythTV box, which is connected to analog cable, had 11.278sec 
of bad video (about 326 frames!) in a 2hr 5min recording, which resulted 
in 5sec offset by the end of the video.

Basically, use ProjectX to demux the stream into MPEG-2 Video and an 
MPEG-2 Layer 2 Audio stream, then recombine them with mplex.  You can 
use Project X to cut commercials when demuxing or you can demux, then 
remux, then use avidemux to cut/process the video.


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