[mythtv-users] Broadcast flag thrown out

Wendy Seltzer wendy at seltzer.com
Fri May 6 15:34:56 UTC 2005

The DC Circuit has ruled in our favor, unanimously throwing out the 
FCC's broadcast flag -- the rule that would have prevented pcHDTV and 
Air2PC from making HDTV tuner cards in the US after July 1.

"Because the Commission exceeded the scope of its
delegated authority, we grant the petition for review, and reverse
and vacate the Flag Order insofar as it requires demodulator
products manufactured on or after July 1, 2005 to recognize and
give effect to the broadcast flag."

Next, we'll have to stop the MPAA from going to Congress to get it back.

Wendy Seltzer -- wendy at seltzer.com || wendy at eff.org
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School

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