[mythtv-users] No signal on TV with Audio Authority

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu May 5 18:44:40 UTC 2005

>> Did you check an actual NTSC-spec (frequency) modeline?
> I will do that tonight when I get home but I thought that HD is ATSC
> and not NTSC?
> --
 	You're trying to find out if you transcoder works, right?  HD is 
1080i or 720p.  EDTV is 480p.  SDTV is 480i.  The transcoder should be 
able to do them all....  If you have a BNC or RCA VGA breakout cable, you 
can even enable sync-on-green and plug the green signal into the TV's Y 
input.  You should get a B&W signal on the TV.


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