[mythtv-users] Ownership of devices

Kevin Ruland kruland at sunflower.com
Thu May 5 00:42:15 UTC 2005

Hi all.

My myth box is finally running!  But I have some questions about startup
of mythbackend and the ownership of the video devices.  My system is
Gentoo 2005.0 running mythtv-0.18 ebuild.

If I have init start mythbackend (and run as root), it complains
slightly about root not being in the video group (big deal), but the
weird thing is once it's started and continues to run as root, all the
video devices are changed to mythtv:sys ownership.

If I set MYTH_USER env var to mythtv (the user), and start mythbackend
with init, mythbackend complains about not being able to open the video
devices because they are root:root 600.

So, how should I get mythbackend to start from init, yet not run as root?

Thanks much.


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