[mythtv-users] Burning NUV files to DVD

Greg greg.d at cwgsy.net
Wed May 4 22:21:48 UTC 2005

> Khanh Tran wrote:
> > Don't even bother doing anything.  You're making it way too 
> complicated.
> > The NUV files produced by the PVR-250, 350 and probably the 150 and 
> > 500 (I just don't have one) ARE MPEG-2 formatted files.  Just make 
> > sure you don't have a transcoder scheduled to convert it to 
> something 
> > else.  I usually copy it over to a Windows box to cut out 
> commercials, 
> > but either way, it's already ready to go to DVD authoring apps.
> > 
> > -Khanh
> Please name any DVD authoring applications that will accept PVR-x50
> MPEG2 files unmodified. I strongly suspect you haven't been 
> doing this yourself, but in case you really are, I'd love to 
> know what you are using. :)

In the past I have renamed to .mpg and used dvdstyler to make the dvd image.


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