[mythtv-users] [ot] mythphone connect to local asterisk box

Paul Volkaerts paul.volkaerts at lineone.net
Mon May 2 12:48:00 UTC 2005

> Forgot to mention these messages in the logs on startup :
> Failed to bind for SIP connection
> SIP listening on IP Address :5060 NAT address
> SIP: Cannot transmit SIP message to
> is my mythbox IP adress. I guess this is something in the code
> gettings mixed up with nat and local adresses? Or else it's me :-)

I guess MythPhone is trying to grab port 5060 and listen for messages, but
you have Asterisk running on the same box and that has already grabbed 5060.
Hence the "Failed to bind..." message.

Within the MythPhone configuration, change the port number from 5060 to
something else like 5070.  Should fix your issues.

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