[mythtv-users] Suttery video on Mac Mini?

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Mon May 2 00:53:00 UTC 2005

Hello all,

Got a Mac Mini, outputting video via S-Video using the adaptor, though 
all kinds of video output (DVD, MythTV) is very slightly suttery - not 
very noticeable, but gets annoying over time, and it's more noticeable 
when the camera moves quickly.  I'm a bit surprised a 1.2GHz G4 can't 
make DVD playback completely smooth - even my 750MHz x86 laptop with 8MB 
video memory and no DVD acceleration can make DVD playback perfectly 
smooth.  As the juttery issue is the same on both MythTV and DVD, I 
think it's an issue of the computer itself rather than the individual 
software packages - or am I doing something wrong?  I tried my Mini on 
my mate's LCD TV which has DVI input, but the video is exactly the same 
so it can't be the S-Video adaptor.

I might be trying out OSX Tiger to see if there's any improvements, but 
am not expecting owt.

Also, do anyone have a colour profile perfectly suited for TV viewing - 
as I can't seem to get a good balance on the colour on my TV?  When 
watching snooker (not by choice), all balls looked nearly the same 
colour - the green on the table was overpowering the colours in the 
snooker balls...

Thanks very much for your help in advance

Cheers - Piers

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