[mythtv-users] mythtvsetup exits after leave/delete channel screen

mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk mythtv-users at fastdruid.co.uk
Sun May 1 21:24:35 UTC 2005

Todd wrote:
> However, my mythtvsetup exits after the screen "Would you 
> like to clear all 
> program data and channel settings before starting 
> configuration?..."  Either 
> answer yields the same results.  I've been searching the 
> archives, but with 
> no luck.

>Does anyone know if there's a way to get get past this second screen?
>for any help.

Yes, install the themes package or remove/change all references to it in the


>Could not find theme: blue
>2005-05-01 14:06:00.287 Switching to square mode (blue)
>Could not find theme: blue
>Couldn't find theme blue

As you can see from your log it couldn't find the 'blue' so quit.

Possibly it would be better if either the setup screen wasn't themed or
there was an extra option added to mythtv-setup to change the theme.


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