[mythtv-users] how to downgrade via apt?

Reza Naima reza at reza.net
Sun May 1 21:12:34 UTC 2005

I found the relevant RPMS in /var/cache/apt/archives.  I did a 

rm *myth*18*
rm *myth*97.r*
rpm -i *myth* 

and it seems to have worked.  Though I'm wondering how the DB will
handle the switch.


On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 07:40:02AM -0400, William sent me this...
> > Is there a simple way to revert to 0.17 w/ apt on fc3?  I 
> > want to use my xbox frontend, but the .18 debian packages 
> > aren't out yet.
> > 
> What I did was to install synaptic which I used to remove the new .18's.
> Then I selected each item I wanted to reinstall and once selected I did a
> "force version" on that rpm and installed the .17 version. Dont install
> mythtv-suite.
> Of course this assumes that the .17 rpms are still avaiable from apt. You
> may have to build from source now.
> Bill

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