[mythtv-users] xbox-mythtv v.18 / remote woes

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun May 1 11:30:55 UTC 2005

> Everything seems to install, but the 
> version mismatch (.17 on xbox, .18 on backend) brings up a 
> dialog  box that i can't seem to get rid of by hitting the 
> select button on the remote.
> any thoughts?  

You will need to update your xbox mythtv to .18 or downgrade your main
system to .17. It appears to me that the developers of xbox-mythtv have
abandoned the project so I am hoping someone else will step up and release
debs for .18.

I am also hoping that this release is more stable. My xbox has a habbit of
crashing at least daily so I have not been using it for quite a while now.
Was even thinking about going with that xbox xbmc script that interfaces
with mythtv.


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