[mythtv-users] What is "native LIRC"?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sun May 1 05:32:28 UTC 2005

Sim wrote:

>I've seen many references to this and note that often it seems to involve no 
>more than linking one's lircrc file to the mythtv directory.  So what it is 
>"native lirc" actually doing; what are the advantages; disadvantages; 
>consequences etc...
>All of the mythtv documentation seems to skip this rather fundamental point 
>and seems to assume you know the difference to ordinary lirc support, which I 
>sortof have running for my Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe remote (although I've 
>still got to integrate something to control xine)
When you push a button on your remote, an LIRC event for that button is 
Your lircrc file controls whether this is sent to an LIRC client or to a 

Native LIRC means that MythTV is responding to IR events directly by 
tying into the lirc service running on your machine as an LIRC client.

Othwerise, irxevent (typically) is executed as a program.   irxevent 
sends keystrokes or button clicks to a particular X window.  In this 
case, that window is the MythTV window.


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