[mythtv-users] Re: Damon's tv_grab_au modifications for DVB

plasma at synaptik.com.au plasma at synaptik.com.au
Thu Mar 31 22:44:26 UTC 2005

> After this line:
> push @$prog_ref, $a_prog;
> try this (psudocode only) for each channel you want to relicate
> if (channel == ten)
> {
> $a_prog.channel = ten2
> push @$prog_ref, $a_prog;
> $a_prog.channel = ten3
> push @$prog_ref, $a_prog;
> }

Thanks Damon, after I get some needed sleep I'll give it a shot. PERL is
one of those languages I don't give myself enough time for, it seems. ^_~

Thanks again,
Nathan Manzi

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