[mythtv-users] How do you "tune" subchannels in QAM?

John Sturgeon mythtv at sturgeonfamily.com
Thu Mar 31 23:22:06 UTC 2005

Adam Gianola wrote:

>On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 02:37:23 -0500, Marc Tousignant
><drayson at net1plus.com> wrote:
>>>>How can I tell myth to identify 82-1 and 82-2 as two channels?
>>>>I am unable to locate information on this on in the archive and
>>>>http://www.digitalregime.com/mythdvb/setup/ provides no assistance on
>>>I don't have a 3k card, I have an Air2PC, However, I would expect this
>>>to be the same.
>>>In mythtv-setup, run a DVB-scan. It will then add the channels, likely
>>>as 821 and 822. You can either leave it that way (which makes entering
>>>channels MUCH easier) or you can change it, like I did, so I have to
>>>co-exist with non-HD channels, to 82_1 and 82_2 in the list. It's
>>>impossible to hand enter without a real keyboard, but they show up
>>>consecutively in the list, and I can flip through them..
>>That's the problem. The scan fails to tune any channel. It locks on all the
>>Digital channels but reports "failed to tune" or a timed out message then
>>proceeds to the next channel.
>>Dvbstream works just fine with capturing the TS and dtvstream will split
>>them by program. However this negates the purpose of the PVR. Granted my
>>pvr-350 is working fine for the analog channels.
>>I'm hoping someone can help me by telling me how to enter the channels
>>manually or point me to a patch that will allow me to select PID's in
>>Even thou I am using the DVB driver and using DVB as the input type myth
>>says that the card is using video for linux and will not diplay the DVB
>>setup page. The VL page where I can manually enter the frequency for the
>>channel lacks places to designate PID's all it has is the Freq and color
>>contrast brightness etc adjustments.
>>In other words I do not get to see these pages
>>These are found on the guide found here
>I think quite a few of us working with the hd3000 are having the same
>problem and are looking for solutions.  I've posted both here and in
>the hd3000 forum but it seems like no one has been able to find a
>solution to this problem yet.  I haven't posted to myth-dev yet, but
>maybe thats the place where we may find someone who knows the answer
>to our question, as i think it is a problem with how mythtvsetup is
>handling the hd3000-dvb.  For example,  when i run dvbscan -cvvv no
>channel information is given, but i've seen examples with OTA ATSC
>streams where channel information is explicitly supplied in the
>stream. Mythtv may be looking for this and since it doesn't come
>through, myth assumes the channels are 'unable to tune'.
>for reference:

Have you been able to successfully tune the frequencies using azap? (get 
the instructions for installing it here: 

You might try just getting your card to successfully tune the channels, 
and as a worst case scenario, use the frequencies reported by azap for 
your channels in the DVB Transports section of the MythTV configuration.

But first, just to rule out problems with your driver setup, you need to 
make sure azap works.

John Sturgeon <><

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