[mythtv-users] old video card from a VAIO

Maverick mavantix at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 20:03:50 UTC 2005

I had one of those cards back in the day, they came in the first sony
PC's and have the piggyback board for A/V connections, right? I never
did use it in my mythbox because I gave the card away. All I know
about all-in-wonders is the mythtv.org documentation says they have
"driver issues".

You would still be using the TVin part of the card as well, to tune
channel 3(or 4) from the cable box and record. Then yes, the TVout to
display on the TV.


On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:34:22 -0600, Mike Angstadt <daenris at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've got an old video card/tuner combo card from a Sony VAIO desktop
> that I'm considering using just for fun to see if I can get MythTV
> working.  I'm fairly certain it's a really old ATI all in wonder card,
> and before you start yelling at me :)  the card is listed on the bttv
> gallery http://pvrhw.goldfish.org/bttv/bttv-gallery.html (do a find
> for 'all in wonder') and is from around the same time period.  So
> since people always respond to AIW questions by saying MythTV uses the
> bttv drivers, it appears as if this card works with them.
> Additionally people have said the AIW can't be used for display and as
> a tuner at the same time, but since I have digital cable, am I correct
> in saying that the digital cable box actually acts as my TV-tuner, so
> the video card really only has to have TV-out since it won't be using
> the tuner?
> Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about using this card for
> MythTV... I know the suggestion will probably be to go out and buy the
> cheapest new card I can find, but I'm just doing this for fun and
> trying to use entirely parts I already have.
> -Mike
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