[mythtv-users] Lite-On IR Keyboard and Learning Remotes

Alan Hagge ahagge at wbfa.com
Thu Mar 31 18:14:33 UTC 2005

This is SUCH a great idea.  I was thinking of getting an I/R keyboard 
and trying to use the receiver with LIRC, but this is truly ingenious 
and gets around it completely.  I have an older Radio Shack RS15-1994 
learning remote, so I should be all set on that end.

By the way, for anyone else who might be looking for a programmable 
remote, I HIGHLY recommend you check out: http://www.hifi-remote.com/ . 
They have a PC-based (Windows OR Linux, uses Java) system 
(http://controlremote.sourceforge.net) for programming the relatively 
inexpensive (as cheap as $19.99 for the RS15-2102) One-For-All line of 
remotes, allowing you to upload/download your configuration from your PC.

    * No more strugging with inputting the exactly correct key sequences
      on your remote.
    * No more worrying about losing your programming 'cause it took too
      long to change your batteries.
    * Macro keys (multiple operations from a single keystroke), allowing
      you to turn on and configure your equipment with a single keypress
    * And it offers capabilities that CAN'T be done with only the remote
      (like a SHIFT- function to essentially give you almost twice as
      many programmable keys).

All for free.  And no, I'm in no way affiliated.  Just a VERY happy 
user.  But like MythTV, it's not very user-friendly (yet), so plan to 
spend some time learning...



>I purchased the AirBoard wireless keyboard - just like this one:
>It's model SK-7100.  I have 4 learning, programmable remotes:
>1 Onkyo, 1 MX-500, 1 MX-700 and 1 RS-2116.
>Each one of them learned everything I could throw at it with 
>this keyboard.  I even found out by accident when my mythfrontend 
>core dumped (or seg faulted, can't remember which), that if 
>I have a command line session open and the focus went to 
>that window (it happened three times last night to me), I could 
>even hit the up arrow on each of them (until my mythfrontend 
>script came up in the history), hit the enter or select button, 
>I could just restart mythfrontend.  I've since put in a cronjob 
>to restart if it crashes, but I accidentally discovered this, so I'm 
>reporting it.
>No LIRC.  Just a keyboard/mount wireless interface.  Everything 
>even works when going through a Xantech IR repeater.  
>No extra IR stuf, no extra cables.  
>The $29 was money well spent.  I spent last night and this morning 
>teaching my wife and daughters about the new functionality, and 
>they picked up on it in about 2 minutes.  FAF has skyrocketed.
>No more keyboard to use except by geeky dad.

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