[mythtv-users] Stale NFS file handle - an epiphany

David myth at dgreaves.com
Thu Mar 31 08:08:28 UTC 2005

Chris Pinkham wrote:

>>Chris Pinkham wrote:
>>>Thanks for the good descriptiong.  I'll try to simulate here and get a
>>>fix into CVS if I can find an issue.  I think I may already know what
>>>the issue is and how to prevent this.
>>Excellent!   Let me know what you find out.   I'm currently running 
>>0.16, so hopefully it's something I can relatively easily backport.
>If you're using 0.16, then was I was thinking doesn't apply and any
>change I might do (if this is still an issue in current CVS) won't be
>easily backported.  The delete code underwent a few big changes right
>before 0.17.  It may not even be an issue anymore with current CVS.
>I'll try to reproduce just in case.
I was surprised - I'm not sure how deleting a file twice could cause NFS
stale file handles...
I'd suggest the lirc/delete could be a mis-diagnosis on your part Will,
I think that this could be more of an NFS problem.

What kernel version and filessystems are you using? (I'm assuming a
remote backend so f/e and b/e)
There were several odd xfs/nfs interactions around 2.6.6-2.6.10 that are
now resolved in 2.6.11
Are you using automount?

PS NFS is a tremendous protocol but it can be a bit odd when the server
goes away - you're not using wireless are you?

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