[mythtv-users] EIT vs Zap2it

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 31 03:59:39 UTC 2005

Quoting cythrault at gmail.com:

> So, I was ecstatic when EIT started working on my system, thanks to
> the major DVB revamping of 0.17 and the numerous EIT and DVB patches
> since.

Thanks.. It took a good deal of my time and John and Jespers time as well..  :)

> Unfortunately, it seems that the EIT code will detect duplicates (or
> simply won't request it, I have not run -v siparser for long :) and
> won't update. Also, using Zap2it in conjunction with EIT, some (a)
> show(s) will appear twice in the guide. I've seen it happen on a show
> schedule to start at :59 instead of :00.

The checks right now for EIT insersion are very very basic, and I have seen this
happen here with changing event on the same channel, so I am not surprised.. I
need to investigate how to handle this properly.. There are a few ways, but I
don't need to slam mysql everytime guide gets inserted..

> Also, during my tests, I found that, even with "dvb on demand"
> disabled, the EIT won't download. I have to tune to a channel when the
> EPG is available.

Simpy re-tuning to a channel that has EIT should pick it up..

> The EIT won't be requested unless I start/stop the backend.
> All of this is probably by design tho. I just want to confirm.

As of now there is no "crawling" around for EIT, so you still have to tune to a
channel to get it to import.. There is no support mixing and matching EIT
sources, or really handling changing EIT such as I have seen and what is
happening when you are mixnig Zap2It and EIT.. I have been meaning to get this
fixed so that myth will go searching for EIT when its not being used for livetv
or recording..  Hopefully before .18 I will get it all written and into CVS.. I
need to get data importing in a few other countries first before I add to some
already complex code..


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