[mythtv-users] Stale NFS file handle - an epiphany

Will Dormann wd at pobox.com
Wed Mar 30 15:00:12 UTC 2005

Some time ago I posted a message about a problem with MythTV spewing out 
"Stale NFS file handle" messages.   It seemed to correlate with my 
upgrade to MythTV 0.17, so I figured that was the cause.

After reverting to 0.16, it seemed to be working well, but I recently 
ran into it a few times.   It always happened when I went to delete a 
recording.   Mythfrontend would just sort of hang.  I'd switch to the 
text console and I'd see the Stale NFS file handle messages.

Here's the other part of what's going on.  I have an X10 lola remote 
that works wonderfully, except the "joystick" part has been acting a 
little flakey lately.  In particular, sometimes when I want to move it 
in one of the directions, it registers an "Enter" as if I'm pressing in 
on the button.

Anyway, what I'm thinking is happening is this...

When I go to delete a recording, there are *two* "Enter" presses 
registered in rapid succession.  (Due to the flakey joystick).   The 
first one goes and deletes the file from my NFS store, but mythtv goes 
to delete the file a second time.  When it does so, the file that mythtv 
is going to delete has already been deleted, and thus the "Stale NFS 
file handle" messages.   Mythtv doesn't gracefully recover from this, 
though, and spews the error messages until I restart mythbackend.

The messages are:

ERROR: file I/O problem in safe_write(), errcnt = 1: Stale NFS file handle
ERROR: file I/O problem in safe_write(), errcnt = 2: Stale NFS file handle
ERROR: file I/O problem in safe_write(), errcnt = 3: Stale NFS file handle

Does this sound plausible?   It's an intermittent problem, but I'm 
seeing it more often as time passes.   Probably due to the degradation 
of the joystick quality on the lola remote.

If so, the question is how to fix it.

1) Is it possible to prevent a "rapid fire" pressing of the enter button 
via my lirc config file?

2) Perhaps a code change in mythtv to prevent this sort of double deletion?

Any suggestions?


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