[mythtv-users] NSLU2+PVRUSB2+MediaMVP+USB Hardde.

Fredrik Högberg usur at home.se
Tue Mar 29 13:53:42 UTC 2005

Hi List!
A Tv-Tuner with an USB interface and MPEG encoder connected to a NSLU2
Network storage device from linksys. The NSLU2 running a light Myth
backend and stores data to a usb harddrive attached to it.
It also serves as file (NTP) and boot server for a modded MediaMVP that
provides UI, MPEG decoding and presentation on a TV.
Do anyone think the above setup is possible in theory?
I know the lack of drivers and ports makes it hard to test but i'm just
talking in theory now. 
The cpu's doesn't need to do any encoding or decoding just push data in
about 12Mbits/sek at maximum rate.

The setup should be quiet except for the harddrive.


Fredrik Högberg

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