[mythtv-users] Stable release branch starting post-0.18

Matt Grommes matt at mattorama.net
Tue Mar 29 04:11:22 UTC 2005

Once you get rolling on this, if you need/want some testing on the thing 
I'll be happy to give a hand. I'm a QA/tester guy in Real Life so I've 
got some experience and would love to help out in that way while I get 
my C/C++ skills back up to snuff.

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Hey folks, I've volunteered to be the sucker/punching bag to try to maintain a 
> "stable" release branch of Myth. This all seems oddly familiar to a recent 
> discussion on the lkml... :-)
> The goal here is to provide an alternative for non-developer users that is 
> slightly less scary than using CVS (which honestly isn't scary at all, but I 
> understand where people are coming from). Essentially, it'll be back-ported 
> bug fixes from the main development branch to the latest major release.
> Anyhow, here's the rough plan to get started:
> - Starting with the 0.18 release, we'll branch a "stable" tree after every new 
> release from the main development branch.
> - New releases from the development branch are X.Y.0, subsequent 
> point-releases from the stable tree will be (no surprise here) X.Y.1, X.Y.2, 
> etc.
> - The X.Y.Z stable tree will cease to be maintained after the X.[Y+1] release 
> is out, only a stable tree based off the latest release from the development 
> branch will be supported.
> - There should never be any new functionality added to the stable branch, only 
> bug/compatibility fixes.
> - For the most part, patches will be cherry-picked from the main development 
> branch. If it hasn't passed muster to be committed there, there must be a 
> very compelling reason to commit it to the stable tree before it goes in 
> there.
> That's all I've got for the moment, I'm sure there's plenty more to consider, 
> but I'm too tired to think anymore right now, time for bed. 
> Comments/suggestions welcome.
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