[mythtv-users] installing ivtv

Don Watson dlw3 at tds.net
Mon Mar 28 12:16:22 UTC 2005

I found nothing regarding the following in google or ivtv archives.
/root/tmp is empty. I'm using 'root' to install  so there shouldn't be a 
permission problem.
Do you have any ideas?

[root at localhost don]# /home/don/so*/iv*/ut*/ivtvfwextract.pl
/home/don/software/ivtv-0.2.0-rc3i/utils/ivtvfwextract.pl: Can't open 
/root/tmp/ivtvex.10891/hcwpvrp2.sys: No such file or directory

Ross wrote:

>It looks like you're not getting the firmware extracted from the
>windows driver correctly, so I wouldn't even try to load the modules
>Have a look at the documentation on the ivtv wiki at
>http://ivtv.writeme.ch/ on the firmware, and ask the ivtv list (see
>links from the wiki) if you still have problems..
>Oh, and FWIW, don't just grep for ivtv, not all of the ivtv related
>line have ivtv in it. Use the following instead:
>tac /var/log/messages |
>sed -n '/=\ \ END INIT IVTV\ \ =/,/= START INIT IVTV =/p;
>/= START INIT IVTV =/q' |
>On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 09:27:19 -0800, dlw <dlw3 at tds.net> wrote:
>>my sys is 1.7ghz, 512m ram
>>120g hda, 160g hdb
>>cd/dvd-rw hdc, cd-rw hdd
>>Hauppauge 350
>>MDK 10.1 KDE 3.2
>>Trying to install ivtv-0.2.0-rc3i
>>dmesg | grep ivtv
>>ivtv: Autodetecting cardtype for card #8
>>ivtv: SGarray_size = 420, DSGarray_size = 16
>>ivtv: Found an iTVC15 based chip
>>Firmware image too large '/lib/modules/ivtv-fw-enc.bin'
>>ivtv: failed loading encoder firmware
>>ivtv: Error loading firmware!
>>ivtv: Error initializing.
>>ivtv: Error -12 on init
>>ivtv: iTVC15/16 mpg2 encoder card: probe of 0000:01:07.0 failed with
>>error -12
>>ivtv: loaded
>>I looked in mythtv lists archive and google only to get frustrated.
>>How can I solve the above regarding 'firmware too large'.
>>Also, I get this error:
>>ivtvfwextract.pl: Can't open /root/tmp/ivtvex.7522/hcwpvrp2.sys: No such
>>file or directory.
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>>mythtv-users at mythtv.org
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