[mythtv-users] AdaptecAVC-2410

postman postman at zerodevice.com
Mon Mar 28 12:24:08 UTC 2005

Hi Trev,

Ah, you are the one who make me to give it a shot. : )
I used your page as the guideline and cross-reference other pages as 
well. Thanks!!

Do you mind to share the command line below?
modprobe ivtv cardtype=2 ivtv_std=0 tuner=4
For the cardtype=2, the AVC-2410 will act as PVR 250, am I correct?
And for ivtv_std=0, which I believe 0 stands for NTSC, 1 stands for PAL 
and 2 stands for SECAM, aren't they?
The last one, tuner 4... this is the one I'm still scratching my head, 
any reference I can look for?



Trev Jackson wrote:

>On Monday 28 Mar 2005 12:37, postman wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I've finally got video display from PlayStation2 to my AdaptecAVC-2410
>>running FC3 by using ivtv-0.3.2o-76.
>>Hardware: IBM e-Server xSeries 206 848225X
>You may have a problem getting the sound working on the AVC-2410.  Take a look 
>You should now hopefully be able to use the IR remote control for the AVC-2410 
>if you use lirc from the CVS.  This is currently being worked on.
>Best Regards
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