[mythtv-users] Re: [Slightly-OT] Nova-T

Will egroups at klubbing.com
Mon Mar 28 12:08:01 UTC 2005

Richard Holroyd wrote:
> I think I nearly have a working system. Having compiled a new kernel 
> ( I was still having the same old problems. I used the 
> dvb-kernel source, and using this I no longer get an error about the 
> firmware loading.
> I still can't use the scan tool, it just drops out almost instantly - 
> not sure if i have a correct config file for my location (does anyone 
> have one for cambridge, uk??). MythvSetup appears to get a little more 
> involved with scanning, but still no lock!

Go here:


and check which transmitter you're using (displayed in a dark grey box 
on the right after you've put your postcode in). Initial check suggests 
it might be Sandy Heath?

Once you've got that, use this link to get the transmitter details for 
scan. You can insert these into their own config file.


Note that scan may need the '-n' option to get all the channels.

When I tried to let Myth 0.17 scan for channels, I had to input all the 
extra info that scan needed, including frequency, qam, fec etc.

Hope this helps.


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