[mythtv-users] DVD Authoring and MythTV Archive howto (writing one...)

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 05:49:23 UTC 2005

While the outline looks good, I don't think the organization of the
writeup was ever the brick wall preventing anything. The real lack is
in decent software applications to do the job.(ie, I think we should
be looking for people who can fix the missing parts rather than
re-write up the workarounds)

but while we're at it, add these utilities to the toolbox, these are
all I use to make dvds out of PVR-350 NUVs:

nuvexport (using avidemux2, MPEG2->MPEG2 cut option)
dvdstyler (for making dvd iso)
k3b (for burning dvd)

 - Jeff

On Sun, 27 Mar 2005 23:52:02 -0500, Tony Paterra <apaterra at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey all...  I've been very happy with my experiences with MythTV (the
> program and the community) so far and was trying to figure out a way
> to contribute...  Well I believe I may have found it when it comes to
> DVD authoring and archiving the PVR recordings to different types of
> DVDs.  I've seen a few of the pieces on this topic out there but they
> feel somewhat implementation specific and skip over a lot of
> good/necessary information (no criticism towards the authors who have
> put out docs, overall I've found them to be very helpful, just hit a
> pothole when I went to try and archive to DVD).  From what I've seen
> as kind of the "holy grail" feature that is missing is that one-touch
> burn-to-dvd, but until the developers can undertake that task I figure
> good docs and a command line will do...
> What I'm asking for is to take a look at the outline I posted (link
> below) on my webserver (not used too much outside of a my web photo
> gallery so pardon the blandness) and give me your feedback...  Do you
> think this would be useful?  Is it missing something?  And even if you
> can volunteer some time to write I'd be grateful.  In any case just
> trying to help.
> http://www.paterra.org/dvd_authoring_outline.html
> Thanks,
> --
> Tony Paterra
> apaterra at gmail.com
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