[mythtv-users] Default Tuners

Jim Kusznir jim at kusznir.net
Fri Mar 25 23:06:12 UTC 2005

Hello all:

I have a system with a PVR-500 and a PVR-250.  The 250 is connected to 
the digital cable tuner, and the 500 just runs straight analog cable.  I 
have adjusted the tuner priority setting in mythsetup to make the 500's 
the first choice.  The idea is anything that can be recoreded on the 
subset of channels that are analog, to record on the 500; only schedule 
recordings on the 250 (the cable box) if its something that's not on 
analog cable, or the 500's are busy.

This works fine.

Now, I want liveTV to default to the digital cable box, as I may want to 
browse channels greater than 100, and for user simplicity sake, I dont' 
want to have to teach everyone to use "y" to change tuners.

So, how do I make LiveTV default to a tuner that would otherwise be the 
last choice?

Thanks in advance!


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