[mythtv-users] (no subject)

John Williams williamsbyron at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 23:05:43 UTC 2005

> >
> Yes, 'hostname' at the $ promt worked. Thank you.
> Ahh...so I can clean up my act, what exactly is top posting?
> dlw

Posting above the other people's posts. It makes the discussion travel
from the bottom up rather than the prefered top down. Basically when
you post people would prefer you put your message below the other
messages. You'll find some people are absolute zealots about this too.
I don't care either way. If you top post the most recent stuff is
staring you in the face when you open it. If you bottom post the
discussion flows more naturally. When you get a combination of both it
just flubbs things all up.

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