[mythtv-users] Backend Crashes / Status Monitoring

David myth at dgreaves.com
Tue Mar 22 20:42:13 UTC 2005

Craig Partin wrote:

>So what program do you all use to monitor the programs that watch
>mythbackend?  What if they crash?  :)
>I use daemontools as well, it's quick and easy.  While it is ideal to
>troubleshoot, sometimes you just have to make sure that the wife's
>programs record.  Otherwise you get the dreaded "Why didn't we just
>buy a regular Tivo?"  and the myth budget gets slashed.
Fair question :)

The answer is 'init' via 'inittab'

use the respawn option and it will...


(however make sure you get the config right first!)

If init crashes then you've got problems...


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