[mythtv-users] Myth Video: some .avi files "stutter" now with .17...worked with .16

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Mar 22 17:51:53 UTC 2005

Justin Walther wrote:

>Hey folks,
>Not sure about this one at all.  Upon upgrading to .17 a few weeks
>ago, some of my .avi videos (divx AND xvid and actually a couple mpeg1
>as well) are now "stuttering" on playback.  By stuttering I mean that
>they sorta of hiccup at regular intervals, about 1 second apart.  This
>appears throughout the entire playback of the video.  All of these
>videos played smoothly prior to upgrading to .17.  Both the sound and
>video hiccup.
>Here are some details:
>All files are local to the mythbox, housed on an LVM volume with XFS
>I am using mplayer for playback 
>nothing concerning playback settings changed
>I am using this command in myth settings:
>mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv %s
>I have tried to compare the videos that work and don't work and can't
>see a pattern.  Some divx work, some don't.  Some xvid work, some
>Has anyone seen this?  Where can I look to see what the relations
>would be between the non-working video?
>Any help is greatly appreciated!!
Just curious how a mythtv upgrade would affect your mplayer playback 
unless you also upgraded other components at the same time (video 
drivers, mplayer version, etc.)  What other system components did you 
touch when you upgraded mythtv?


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