[mythtv-users] Testing TV-Out connection

Carsten Aulbert carsten at welcomes-you.com
Tue Mar 22 10:28:21 UTC 2005

Mogens Lunde wrote:
> Just for my understanding, is the test Jarod suggests:
> # /sbin/rmmod saa7127
> # /sbin/modprobe saa7127 test_image=1
> intended to use the S-Video TV-Out from the PVR350, or should the TV be
> connected to the GFX-card?? I do not get a signal on my TV when connecting
> PVR350 > TV (and I do not have a TV-Out on my onboard GFX-card).

Yes, you should be able to see 8 colored stripes on your TV, if you 
connect e.g. the many pin roundish connector on the PVR-350 with the 
SCART input of your TV (other connections are also possible, e.g. using 

Try setting the output with ivtvctl (option -p if I recall correctly) 
and then it should work.



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