[mythtv-users] gentoo cvs - postProcess_MMX error

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at mrl.nyu.edu
Tue Mar 22 00:14:50 UTC 2005

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005, Jeff Simpson wrote:

]I just realized what my problem was with emerging the cvs ebuilds for
]myth - I had old header files installed in both /usr/include and
]/usr/local/include. I deleted both of them and I'm trying to emerge
]the cvs build again, but I have a while new problem:
]In file included from libpostproc/postprocess.c:645:
]libpostproc/postprocess_template.c: In function `postProcess_MMX':
]libpostproc/postprocess_template.c:3198: error: can't find a register
]in class `GENERAL_REGS' while reloading `asm'
]any ideas? Thanks!

Try compiling libpostproc/postprocess.c with different flags,
go to the libs/libavcodec directory, copy the compile line that fails 
and change the flags. Suggestions include, change -O3, to -Os, -O2, -O1, 
etc, try adding -fomit-frame-pointer, and if neither of those work 
try removing the -fPIC flag. Please report the problem to the ebuild 
maintainer as well.

This happens because gcc has changed their register allocation code, and 
in some cases the new code fails where the old register allocation code 
worked. I don't think this problem effects a straight 0.17 compile so 
maybe the ebuild is futzing with the flags?

-- Daniel

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