[mythtv-users] Channel setup Denmark

Niels Dybdahl niels at dybdahl.dk
Mon Mar 21 21:46:59 UTC 2005

> Setting up EPG and channels using tv2.dk worked like a charm. But all
> frequency id's are blank "", and when trying to record or watch live TV I
> just see flickering snow on a white screen.
> I have tried various methods to update channel frequencies:
> - Used the channel No, eg. K40
> - Used the frequency ID given by TDC-kabel, eg. 623.25
> - Used the frequency multiplied by 16, eg. 9971

My setup uses just the channel numbers for the UHF channels and the channel
number with a preceding E for the VHF channels.
I know that others have used the frequency in kilohertz.
Did you have success tuning with the ptune-ui.pl script ? If not and if you
have a new Hauppauge PVR-x50 board, then you probably are missing a line in
your modprobe.conf.

Best regards
Niels Dybdahl

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